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Concrete Supplies

JIMAR covers your concrete needs from building a foundation to basic slab work. We also offer sealers, coatings, and Butterfield coloring for colored concrete and stamp jobs.

  • Sealers, Patch material – Euclid Chemical
  • Concrete Forms & Accessories – Advance Concrete Forms
  • Grouts & Mortars – Conproco Corp
  • Foundation Crack Injection Products – Emecole
  • Emecole Dymonic Caulking – Tremco, Poly, Contractor Bags
  • Simplex Forms

Safety and Survey Equipment

From eye protection and safety vest to OSHA certified head protection JIMAR will keep your team safe at the work site. For marking and laying out jobs we have a full line of survey equipment.

  • Marking Paint – Aervoe Industries
  • Flagging & Detectable Underground Tape, Caution & Danger
  • Hard Hats – ERB
  • Class II, Class III Safety Vest, Global Glove Frog Wear, Jackets, Hoodies – OK-1 Mfg
  • Bull Head Safety Glasses and Elvex
  • Safety Glasses – Pyramex
  • Gloves – Kinco
  • Measure Wheels, Tapes – Komelon USA
  • Keson
  • Ear Protection
  • Survey Rods, Traffic Cones, Road Barrels, Road Signs
  • Rotating Lasers, Pipe Laser, GeoMax

Overhead Lifting

Our lifting supplies provide you with OSHA compliance in safety. We carry a variety of options to fit your lifting needs including nylon slings, wire rope slings, chain slings, tagged and certified.
Nylon Lifting Straps (USA Made)- DD Sling

  • Certified Chain Slings & Assemblies GR100 – Gunnebo Johnson/GRABIQ
  • Plate Clamps, Tongs – Caldwell Group
  • Crosby Shackles, Hooks, Binder Chains (Domestic & Import)
  • Indusco Wire Rope Slings

Small Equipment

JIMAR sells small equipment tools to help with your concrete and earthwork projects. Our equipment will help with vibrate and finish concrete or soil compaction for your earthwork projects.

  • Compaction, Pumps, Saws – Multiquip
  • Abrasive & Diamond Blades, Core Bits – Virginia Abrasives
  • Allen Engineering Power Trowels, Screeds

Mechanical Adhesives and Fasteners

Our epoxy products for anchoring are supplied by Hilti. Products can be used in all conditions including underwater. We carry a full line of hardware for all of your fastener needs.

  • Hilti Distributor – Anchor Adhesives, Drill Bits, Fasteners, etc
  • Bolts – Fine Thread, Course Thread, Metric, Carriage & Plow Bolts
  • Electrical Connectors – Heat Shrink
  • Cable Ties
  • Threaded Rod, Structural Bolts

Ground Engaging Products

JIMAR carries a variety of ground engaging products to take care of your equipment replacement cutting edges. With replacement teeth for excavator and loader buckets.

  • Valley Blades – Loader, Dozer, Grader, Snowplow Replacement Cutting Edges
  • Replacement Bucket Teeth for Excavators & Loaders
  • Geo-Textile Fabrics – US Fabrics
  • Erosion Control Mat – East Coast Erosion
  • Shovels, AMES True Temper, Razor Back, Hand Tools, Rakes
  • Silt Fence, Safety Fence

Sitework Supplies

We offer geo-textile fabrics for placement under driveways, DOT roads, and rip-rap. Our erosion control products are important for ditches, slopes, Culverts-ADS HDPE Pipe, and other drainage uses.

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